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Emergency account lock

Do you fear that an unauthorized person might have gained access to your indó account? We are here to assist you. For this purpose, we will freeze your card, lock your access to the app, and get in touch with you. Note that you have only three attempts.

Freeze the Card

We will freeze your debit card and make it unusable immediately; no one will be able to use it. This applies to both the physical card and the digital version in your phone.

Note that if only your physical card is lost or stolen and not your phone, freezing it in the app is sufficient.

Lock App Access

We will lock your access to the indó app, ensuring that no one can access it on your behalf. Neither you nor anyone else will be able to perform transfers or any other actions within the app.

Get in Touch

We will contact you at 10:00 Icelandic standard time in the morning at the latest to determine when we can reopen your access and unfreeze your card.

Fill out the form below. Once you complete it, a CAPTCHA challenge will appear for you to solve. It is there to ensure the security of this emergency account lock.

10-digit number, does not include spaces or hyphens 4-8 digit number, the passcode you chose for logging into the app. It is not debitcards PIN nor your electronic credentials from Auðkenni. Tell us how we can contact you, such as your email or a phone number to a phone that is accessible to you, etc. If you want you can also include what happened.

CAPTCHA challenges are used to distinguish automated programs and humans. They play a crucial role in internet security, preventing automated programs from performing actions online. The challenge may be difficult for automated programs but should be fairly easy for humans to solve. With this challenge, we aim to ensure that unauthorized parties are not locking our customers access.